Aerial Inspection Services

Aerial Inspection Services
Captured by HyTech Aerial

Telecommunication services are integral to daily life.

The systems and services supporting our telecommunications infrastructure are critical and must be maintained to ensure their availability. While maintenance is essential it also presents an inherent risk due to the height of the structures on which those systems are installed.

At HyTech Aerial we quickly and safely provide high quality aerial photo and video imagery of your infrastructure at heights and angles that cannot be safely captured by tower climbers.

Efficiency and safety are paramount when humans are working over 100 feet off the ground. Having detailed views of what to anticipate prior to the climb, arms climbers with information that will help them ensure they're prepared for what awaits when they arrive on site.

Our drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras and are capable of capturing images day or night, when they're most needed for your requirements.

We can conduct operations in advance or in real-time, providing critical information directly to your staff when and where it is needed.

Reduction of cost and increased efficiency are key business factors in the decision to hire an aerial inspection service, but the most important consideration is the safety of those who are brave enough to scale the incredible heights to ensure that we're all able to remain connected.

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